Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Studio - Days One, Two, and Three (plus a little extra)

Actually, we're just about to head to day five, but I kept forgetting to update the first three days. But better late then never, I suppose. But I will post day four, along with the next two days, in due time.

The Studio: Days One, Two, and Three

The first day at the studio went better than we had hoped - we managed to get all of our scratch tracks down, plus we got the final tracks in for one song, and part of the final tracks for another. (For those of you who don't know, a scratch track is a recording of the main vocals usually coupled with the dreadfully annoying thing called The Metronome. We then proceed to record the final tracks, keeping in time with the metronome, and the lead vocalist can focus on the instrument he/she is playing, instead of singing.)

Our recordings are done at Swallow Hill Music Association in Denver. Sound guy, we found, was very nice and very patient with certain eleven year old brothers I know of, who are fascinated with the complicated and very expensive sound equipment.

Second day also went pretty well. We managed to get another good chunk in the final instrumental tracks down.

On the third day, Sean started feeling pretty sick, so he had to quit early. We tried to get him feel better by getting him some Ginger Ale and letting him walk around outside to get fresh air, but that didn't work. So we did what we could without him, and then called it a day.

On our way out, Dad, carrying his bass, managed to knock into a snow-covered branch at just the right moment with the top of the bass. I was walking right behind him. Gotta love cold snow down your back.

And I know there are no pictures - that's because I keep forgetting my camera. >.O I'll bring it with me tomorrow and see if I can get some good shots out of it then of the studio. :D

Plus a little extra:

Looky! Benny has a kilt. (Mom said skirt. Dad insisted he was a Scottish bus and was therefore wearing a kilt.)

And Benny covered in snow:

Stay tuned for more!


Lilly said...

Is it terribly cold in Benny with all the snow around? (I mean to make snow I know it has to get pretty cold, though I heard that snow is supposed to have a insulating effect.)

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